1. Pesonal details
Full nameNguyen Dong AnhYear of birth
Academic titleProf - Dr. Sc - HLR - SexMale
Administrative positionID number
DepartmentDepartment of Structural Mechanics
Email[email protected]Fax

2. Qualifications
#StartEndInstitutionMajor/SpecialtyAcademic Degree

3. Professional experience
#StartEndEmployerAddressPosition and Responsibilities

4. Research experience and achievement
4.1 Last five year’s research interests.

4.2 Research grants received or applied.
#StartEndProject nameFunding institutionRole

4.3 Publications and accomplishments.
#PublicationsAuthorsYearName of publishershISSN/ISBNProofNote
1Article(s) in ISI-covered journals
2Article(s) in Scopus-covered journals + VAST1
3Article(s) in ISSN-covered journals + VAST2
4National/International Conference(s)
7Scientific awards

5. Additional Information