Administration Department

Acting head - Depute Head of Deparment
PhD. Pham Thi Bich Ngoc
Phone: (84-4) 38325541, Fax (84.4) 37622039, mobile: 
Email:[email protected]
        The Administrative department with 8 persons (2 MSc, 5 BSc, 2 Eng, 2 staff) has been charged with the responsibility to assist the Directorate in staff and scientific management, planning, finance and accounting, international relationships, office and administration work.
    Model Office equipment: Facsimile machine, Photocopy, Scanner, Laser Printers, DeskJet Color Printer and PC's. Important Administration Software such as Accounting Software, Software for Managing  Permanent Property...
        Step by step the administrative department is  implementing information technology in to administration works.
        Managing the Local area network, providing the information security on the net and increasing the effectiveness of the system.
        Connecting with the Internet to assist scientific and technological activities and wide information exchange in the country and around the world.
        Library of the Institute of Mechanics with more than 9000 books has the responsibility to store and to update national and international references and works in the field of Mechanics. There are available more than 150 national and international journals, proceedings of national and international Conferences, annual reports on scientific and technology research results of the Institute's research team.
        Managing the Institute’s Website.